Endless Space for Innovation

SBUHacks is a place where students are challenged to further what they know by doing projects on what they are passionate about. Spending time on projects outside the classroom is the best way to not only learn what you love, but find new interests. In a universe of infinite possibilities, you have 24 hours to innovate and show us what you got!

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Rahul Sondhi

Rahul Sondhi
SBUHacks Chair

Judging Criteria

  • Rocketing Finances Idea
    Best Entrepreneurial Hack
  • Low Orbit Ion Cannon Hack
    Best Security Hack
  • Area Fifty-WON!
    Best GameDev Hack
  • Big Bang Hack
    Best Beginner Hack
  • The Most (Nebu)Laughs
    Funniest Hack
  • Intro to Skynet Hack
    Best Data Science/AI Hack
  • Med Bay Hack
    Best Health Hack
  • [MLH] Best Domain Name from Domain.com
    Best Domain Name registered with Domain.com
  • [MLH] Best Use of Google Cloud Platform
    Best Use of Google Cloud Platform
  • [MLH] Best Automation Hack with UiPath
    Best Automation Hack with UiPath